Henna Brows

Henna Brows, during this appointment we will shape your eyebrows, depilate and dye them with Henna.
Shaping we do by the so called "mapping" method, wherby we measure your eyebrows to get the most symetrical and beautiful result. Before we start to actual shape your eyebrows you get the chance to look at the shape and ask for adjustments to the shape. When you are happy with the shape, we start to dye your eyebrows with the dye of Henna, you get the choose between 6 color that we can also mix, so there is always the perfect color for you. Henna dye is 100% natural and Vegan! Last but not least we will depilate the unwanted hairs using the threading technique and manually depilating. De treatment in total takes about 60 minutes. 

Advantages Henna Brows

  • Beautiful sharp looking eyebrows and every moment of the day
  • Threading is fast and effective way of epilating because even the smallest hairs will be removed
  • In the long term it will take longer before your hairs grow back
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • The dye remain 5 to 10 days on the skin and 6 to 8 weeks on the eyebrow hairs
  • The mildest form of eyebrow dyeing, free of parabens, lead, ammonia and other harmful chemicals
  • A fuller and intenser look because the skin will also be dyed with this treatment


  • Avoid the first 12 hours products that contain oil
  • Avoid the first 24 hours water in the treated area
  • Avoid the first 24 hours going to the solarium
  • Please be aware that the sun can effect the shelf life of the dye
  • Treatment can be repeated after 6 weeks


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