Lash Lifting is a new and very popular technique to lift your natural lashes.

Due to this treatment your lashes will look 30% fuller and they will become beautifully curled. Best of all is that the effect will remain visible for 6 to 8 weeks.
This is what makes this treatment a great alternative for peole that can not or do not want to wear eyelash extensions.

Offcourse it is also possible to combine this treatment with eyelash extensions, ideal for people with asian or very straight lashes. But also if your lashes are too curly we can give them a natural curl with this treatment.

So it does not matter wether you have short, long, curly, straight, dark or blond lashes. Lash Lifting is always possible. In case of blond lashes we recommend to combine this treatment with dyeing the lashes.

For this technique we use silicone pads, so no rolls or clips. Because of this the treatment is absolutely pain free and it will give you a natural effect starting from the rim of the lashes.

Why would you choose this treatment?

  • Treatment is quick and pain free, within the hour you have beautifully lifted eyelashes
  • It gives a very natural effect and your eyelashes will be perfectly positioned 
  • Results remain visible for 6 to 8 weeks
  • Your lashes will look optically longer, fuller and more curled withoud the need of wearing extensions
  • Ideal for when you are allergic to eyelash extensions or if you find them too pricy
  • Because of the unique formula your lashes will be nourished during the treatment so they will remain beautiful and healthy
  • Its both possible to curl or "relax" your eyelashes
  • You can do everything with it, swimming, showering, sauna and exercising its all possible
  • The treatment is formaldehyde free and very hygienic
  • For remaining results you only need to repeat the treatment every 6 weeks
  • This is NOT a lashperm, we will not use any rolls or clips


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