Lash Lifting is a new and highly popular technique to lift, curl, and tint your natural lashes.

We are one of the few salons in Breda working with the revolutionary brand, Mrs. Lashlift Pro. We have tried several brands, but we have achieved by far the best and most beautiful results with this one. The lotions are powerful and safe, the processing times are short, and the tinting of the lashes can be done during the treatment, eliminating the need for a separate step afterward. The silicone pads have an excellent design and shape, resulting in beautifully curled lashes after the treatment. This treatment also makes your lashes appear up to 30% fuller!

The best part is that the effect remains visible for 6 to 8 weeks. This makes this treatment a fantastic alternative for people who do not want or cannot wear extensions. For those with blonde or light lashes, we recommend combining the treatment with lash tinting.

Why choose this treatment?

  • The treatment is quick and painless, giving you beautifully curled lashes within 45 minutes
  • It provides a very natural effect, and your lashes are perfectly positioned
  • The result remains visible for 6 to 8 weeks
  • Your lashes appear longer, fuller, and curlier without needing extensions
  • Ideal if you are allergic to eyelash extensions or find them too expensive
  • The unique formula nourishes your lashes during the treatment, keeping them beautiful and healthy
  • It is possible to both curl and "relax" the lashes
  • You can do everything with them: swimming, showering, sauna, and sports are all no problem
  • The treatment is formaldehyde-free and very hygienic
  • For lasting results, repeat the treatment only once every 6 weeks
  • This is NOT an eyelash perm, so no rollers or clips are used

What options do I have?

We offer the Lashlift treatment in 2 variants:

  • LashLift Basic, which includes curling, lifting, and caring for the natural lashes.
  • LashLift Deluxe, which includes curling, lifting, tinting, and caring for the natural lashes with a lash mask and a Ceramide & Niacinamide conditioner.
  • Additionally, we also offer tinting of the lower lashes if desired.

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