One by One Lashes

With one by one eyelash extensions we extend your own lashes one by one. This technique is 100% safe for your natural lashes and gives a very natural result. It is completely up to you how long, how curly and thick you want your eyelashes, but offcourse we will also advise you what is best for you. Like this you are assured to always have beautiful, full and long lashes in a way that fits your personality!

Advantages eyelash extensions

  • No more need for mascara
  • No more damage to your eyelashes because of curling them
  • No more hassle with eyelash painting
  • Completely adjustable to your wishes
  • You can swim wıth them
  • You can go to the sauna with them
  • Hair by hair for a natural look
  • No damage to your natural lashes
  • You will loose the extensions slowly by growiıng out with your natural lashes
  • Stays for about 6 weeks
  • Only once every 3 weeks comıng back for a refill
  • Practically weightless
  • A pain-free treatment of maximum 1,5 hours

To enjoy your lashes as long as possible

  • Avoid the usage of ANY products that contain oil on the lashes
  • Avoın the first 24 hours contact with steam or water
  • Do not rub in the eyes
  • Do not sleep with your head in your pillow
  • Brush the lashes every day with a mascara brush
  • Do not remove the extensions yourself
  • Use every 3 days long lasting coating to protect your extensions
  • Do not use permanent or curling iron


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