Russian 3D volume lashes

Russian 3D volume lashes is the newest technique in the field of 3D eyelash extensions. This technique came from England and has been applied there for many years by the best eyelash stylsts that we know. With this technique a very "full" and "fluffy" look is created, because 3 up to 6 super thin extensions are applied on every natural lash. We use 7 different techniques to make it look super natural. 

Advantages compared to one by one extensions

  • Despite the extra volume this technique gives a even more natural look
  • Less glue is used because of this you will hardly feel the extensions
  • Because less glue is being used you will experience less irritation
  • Thinner and softer extensions are more comfortable to wear
  • Remains pretty longer than one by one extensions
  • It looks more beautiful
  • Ideal in case you do not have so many natural lashes


  • Do not wet the eyelashes for the first 24 hours
  • Clean the lashes every other day with a foam cleaner, this prevents dirt accumulation and inflammation!
  • Do not use oily products in the eyebrow area
  • Avoid excessive rubbing in the eyelashes
  • Brush the lashes daily with the brush you receive with your treatment
  • Do not pull on the eyelash extensions, you can damage the natural eyelashes


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